Remember last week when we informed you guys on what at the time seemed like a misunderstanding; where it seemed Empire star Malik Yoba may have put his foot in it by “pulling” his co-star Jussie Smollett out of the closet with the world was unaware of the singer/actor being gay.


Well, this week Jussie Smollett clears this mess up quickly, as he appears on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and letting the world know ‘there has never been a closet’ and he in fact just keeps his personal life as just that, personal.


Well that said, we’re guessing there was no awkwardness behind the scenes for the Empire stars between Jussie and Malik if there was no closet in the first place. We guess Jussie wouldn’t have been upset with Malik like we may have originally thought.


We celebrate the fact that the Empire star highlights that he isn’t hiding his sexuality, as no one should have to, and our favourite line has to be, “my mama knows, and she likes me a lot”.


So do we Jussie!


Check out what Jussie had to say below:






It is necessary for entertainers to reveal their sexual orientation?





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