Mona…you’ve got some explaining to do!


Yes it seems that is the case, with the controversy that has transpired since the airing of the most recent episode  of the songstress’ reality show. Last night on the second season of K. Michelle: My Life, K. Michelle rekindles her relationship with old flame/almost baby-daddy, Bobby, after he takes her on a romantic safari  trip.


However, the romance was cut short when K. finds out Bobby has been “DM’ing” another girl behind her back! Later in the episode she confronts him at her house-warming party and knocks him down to size in front of his ‘Aunt CC’, who was also in attendance. You may or may not have heard of Aunt CC, the self-proclaimed “insta-famous” personality commonly seen on the internet boasting about her past tales of ratchetry and hood adventures such as  “beating bitches asses” and “being shot & stabbed” several times.


Well after watching her nephew be berated on the show Aunt CC went in to full beast mode and spilled ALL the TEA on K. Michelle and Bobby’s relationship and the entire Mona Scott production! She even talks about her own personal issues with the ‘Can’t Raise A Man’ singer. Now we all know K.Michelle is no stranger to her B-list celebrity Beefs, most recently moving up the chain by calling out Adele, but CC goes as far as to compare her to the sociopath-like character from the movie ‘Gone Girl’. Check the post Below:




“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! First off thank you to everybody that support me I love all who f**ks wit me 💋😊 now back to to this vindictive B***H! See yal this why I don’t f**k wit bird bitches 🐣 it’s time for revelations yal ready for this?? 1st off My nephew Bobby only did the K Michelle show for me to get more exposure u know like lights camera Action! Ima be real cuz I’m a REAL BITCH! Her friend my Girl Paris( her friend she stabbed in the back & lied on in front of millions just for a season finale) spotted me on the gram last year showed K so they wanted me on the show for first season! Yal paying attention?? K started feeling my nephew ANYWHO when we went to NY to meet & talk Pesos, the producers loved how my nephew looked on camera and she needed a love life storyline soooooooo she persuades him to play it out on tv in return to put me on for the 2nd season which yal jus saw! DO NOT BELIEVE SH*T U SEE ON THESE REALITY SHOWS! These n***as and b***hes need storylines and they wait for yo ass to be off set and time to past to go on the Green Screen for millions to SEEE and Dog u out see she didn’t do all that shit when I was on f**kin SET CUZ I woulda YOKED HER ASS UP!! my nephew has an AMAZING HEART and I’m so mad he had to go thru all this slander for me! you see he got a lot of positive things going on and he taking the high road a road A bitch like me jus don’t take! YOU PICKED THE RIGHT ONE CUZ NOW IM COMIN FOR YOU NECK DONT F**K WIT MY FAMILY #GlennClose #Obsessed#FATALATTRACTION #Lies #Deception#GoneGirl #whoyoufooling#Wherewasmyscript # #Tamarbraxton#Ellevarner #Memphitz #lilkim #Adele#Rasheeda #Parisphillips #IdrisElba#Mynephew etc. and now you added me to the list #AUNTCC”



Hmm…Aside from the grammatical errors, what do you guys think of Aunt CC’s rant? We here at TEAmcurtains love us some K.Michelle but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t think that some of the shows under the production of Mona Scott Young didn’t reek of scripted foul play. If this is true, it might have been smart for CC to just play along. Instead she might have just screwed herself out of a pretty nice VH1 check . K. Michelle has yet to respond.




In other news, ‘K.Michelle’s new album  More Issues Than Vogue will be available March 25th. Will you be buying? What do you think of this feud?

Let us know in the comments below!


Written by Mack

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