The 2016 Billboard Awards are fast approaching and it has been confirmed that Madonna will be paying homage to the late musician and artist, Prince during her performance and fans of the dearly departed ‘Diamonds And Pearls’ singer are outraged.


As we reported last month icon and music legend, Prince tragically passed away. Details of the singer’s death are still unknown but fans and celebs alike are still in mourning including, everyone’s favorite material girl, Madonna. However, fans of the purple one are not having it and have started a petition to ban the ‘Vogue’ vixen from paying tribute to the fallen star during her BBA performance, insinuating that she isn’t “good enough” to do so.


The petition, which was started last week, has already reached a whopping 6,459 signatures of the document’s overall goal of 7,500 people signed. The petition reads:


We cannot let Madonna be the main and only artist tributing Prince during the 2016 Billboard Awards. He is more than worthy of a better choice as a main performer.



Just sad, as controversial and media hungry as Madonna may appear, we’re not sure how we feel about people trying to stifle anyone’s display of affection/honor for a loved one who has passed on.


For those who may not know, Madonna and Prince go WAYYYYY back. The pop duo collaborated on a song back in 1988 called ‘Love Song’ and were even rumored to be dating. Madonna and Prince sustained a long lasting friendship and when news of Prince’s death broke, the singer was devastated.



We are here for this Prince tribute from Madonna, just as long as she doesn’t pull any of her usual distasteful antics. But on second thought maybe that wouldn’t be so bad, both artists shared a common bond of being provocateurs in pop and being a little outrageous so in paying tribute to him, Madonna seems like the PERFECT candidate and she’ll definitely give us all something to talk about.




What are your thoughts? Will you be signing this petition?

Let us know in the comments below!





Written by Mack

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