CALL THE GUARDS!  *Momma Dee voice*


Rapper Jay-Z has clearly not been watching his throne. First, we had Adrien Broner call him out and now we have Funkmaster Flex who has come for the hip-hop mogul’s throat twice in his most recent rants.


The bomb-filled tirade included the word ‘trash’ being used excessively to describe Jay-Z’s Life + Times website. The HOT 97 DJ expressed his frustration with Jay-Z accusing him of manipulation in both situations regarding an app and Flex’s involvement with Dipset’s comeback….oh and a text message.


I let you live in this town, don’t think I can’t ruin you” is just one of the things said by Flex, warning Jay-Z that he is not here for his nonsense.


For sure, we are definitely not trying to trivialize another man’s frustration and anger at something; but it definitely seemed a little ‘queen-ish’ to have such a reaction to whatever the issue is.


One thing we did get, Flex was not impressed with the text message received. For future reference, do not text this man again using capital letters for emphasis.


Take a look at the text which he posted to his Instagram account with caption:


“Really? After calling private for hours you texting with CAPITAL letters????? This guy thinks it 1997 ???? Tomorrow 7pm I got this???? I see you need a tune up and lesson in respect!!!!!”




Oh?! Ha, well if that got you sitting up in your seat, you are definitely going to want to take a listen to Flex’s radio rants below.


Don’t caps lock me bro!


Don’t you just wish he had answered the private calls to see how it would have played out? We certainly do.




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