Welcome to 2017?! We guess. In a day and age where black women have grown to love their blackness and continue to grow, embracing their melanin and what comes with it…. this foolery still exists. Women are still having to march for their rights for heaven’s sake!


A black woman applying for a job at Harrods, the ‘prestigious’ Knightsbridge luxury department store, formerly owned by Mohammed Al Fayed, was told she would not get the role unless she relaxed her hair.


“In evidence presented to the Petitions and Women and Equalities Committees, MPs were told a woman seeking work via one agency on behalf of the Knightsbridge department store was allegedly forced to chemically straighten her hair because her natural style was deemed to be “unprofessional.”



Nicola Thorp, 27, who was formerly employed as a temp worker at London-based agency Portico, told MPs: “In one of the interview sessions that I attended, the woman who held the interview [on behalf of Harrods]…would go around the room and say, ‘You need a makeover, you need a makeover, you’re fine, you need a makeover.’


“She pointed to a black girl who was being interviewed and said ‘You can’t work for me unless you have your hair chemically relaxed, because your hair, as it is, is not professional enough.’ We just sat there and nodded and agreed because we needed the job.”


Harrods refused to comment, however, a spokeswoman for TBC Management, understood to be the agency to which Ms Thorp was referring, strongly denied the allegations, adding “no one would be asked to chemically straighten the hair. It isn’t company policy and it never has been.”


Any Thoughts?





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