Just DAWN! Dawn Richard loses her last name as she announces she will officially go by the name “DΔWN, formerly known for being apart of girl group Danity Kane, the electro-R&B pioneer releases her seventh video from her latest album, Blackheart.


The latest video “Titans” showcases a double feature for new song “James Dean,” both directed by Monty Marsh, where we see Dawn transform into diamond-encrusted onyx obsidian titans.


Dawn is known for her trendy and cutting edge visuals, the FX effects within the first part of the video “Titans” are amazing! Dawn performs flawless dances moves shifting between a denim themed “James Dean” outfit whilst dancing with two male dancers, transforming into an FX Titan.





Losing her denim, Dawn later bares some skin, embracing her James Dean T -Shirt with shades and high-heeled boots for a sexy solo set.


Watch the video, below:




Are you feeling the new video?



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