Celebrities continue to defend Beyonce’s Lemonade against the sour comments of Piers Morgan. The latest famous face to take on the cocky commentator is How To Get Away With Murder actor, Matt McGorry.


For those unfamiliar, “journalist” Piers Morgan went on a very public twitter rant against Beyonce’s newly released visual album Lemonade. Morgan claimed that the ‘Formation’ singer’s latest project was “racially and politically charged” and exploited the #BlackLivesMatter Movement.


Morgan received tons of criticism and even received an open letter from singer and television host, Jamelia detailing how ignorant his statements were. Morgan attempted to justify his narrow minded comments and said that he “respected” Beyonce but actor Matt McGorry wasn’t having it and offered his own perspective on the matter.



Check out his tweets below:



YASSSS Matt!!! The more people to call him out, the better. Queen Bey would be proud.




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Written by Mack

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