Soooo…this is still happening.


Yes, as you may have heard R&B singer/song-writer, Ciara has filed a lawsuit against her child’s father, the incredible half-man/half auto tune, Future.


This lawsuit is in retaliation to Future’s very public comments via social media in which he claims Ciara has kept him away from their son and highly disapproves of baby Future being around Ciara’s new beau and star football player, Russell Wilson.



Ciara is now suing for slander in the amount of 15 million dollars. The ‘Get Up’ singer claims that Future’s comments have jeopardized her name and career, causing her to miss out on a lot of money.


Now we know what you’re thinking…No one is really buying Ciara’s music nowadays anyway. Very true, however you must remember that because of this, “singers” such as Ciara have to find other ways of making a stable income such as touring or landing endorsement deals.  So there may be some validity to this case; I am pretty sure the white folks in the high ranks of US corporate businesses aren’t exactly fighting to have the “problematic baby mama” as the face of their brand.


Well according to our peeps over at TMZ, Future may be thinking about taking some legal action of his own. Here’s what the tipster had to say:



Sources close to Future tell TMZ, the rapper thinks it’s absurd his baby mama filed the slander suit, since she’s talked plenty of trash on him. We’re told he believes Exhibit A is her 2015 platinum selling hit, “I Bet.” 

With lyrics like … “You know that it hurts your pride but you thought the grass was greener on the other side. I bet you start loving me as soon as I start loving someone else. Somebody better than you” — the song is widely believed to be about Future allegedly cheating on Ciara.

Our source says he could’ve sued over that, but didn’t want to be petty. As for whether he fires back with a lawsuit now — we’re told he’s considering it, but hasn’t seen Ciara’s docs yet. His team claims the process-server at LAX failed to deliver.




Hmmm… Petty, Party of two!


Here’s the thing, we love both Ciara and Future but we are tired of the tit for tat twitter war, even more so when it involves a child. Future should be able to see his son more and Ciara should be able move on and allow her son to take part in her newfound happiness with Russell, especially since baby future is such an important part in her life. And if you ask us they should both handle this behind closed doors, this is the entertainment industry not Worldstarr.


Update: Ciara recently ran into Wendy Williams at an event for the shoe brand, Keds and told her (regarding this lawsuit) that “there are other sides to this story that [people] don’t know about”…..ohhhh sounds like this is only the beginning!


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What do you think of this lawsuit? Are you team CiCi or Team Future?

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Written by Mack

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