Kelly Rowland must be one proud mama!


The ladies of BET’s Chasing Destiny have finally revealed their official group name and it is… June’s Diary. We broke the news late last night on our Instagram when it was first announced.



Despite the group being formed in February of this year , the five fierce ladies (handpicked by singer/Destiny Child alumni, Kelly Rowland), explained that June is when they finally clicked “spiritually” as a band and is one of the brightest months of the year. They also explained that they chose the word “Diary” since they are telling their stories through music.


so sweet!


Well upon announcing this long-awaited news, the ladies also debuted a BRAND NEW single to christen their new moniker as a group.


Check it out below:





First they blew us away with their music from the show and sexy photo shoot, now this. We haven’t heard a girl group this raw and serve so much urban flavor since…well Destiny’s Child. This is definitely going to be one of our summer jams! We know quite a few L.A.N.C.E.’s


June’s Diary is set to work with notable producers like Harmony Samuels and The Sterotypes for their debut album to be released through Epic Records. With Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, and now June’s Diary it is evident that we are in the era of girl groups and we couldn’t be happier about it.



What do you think of this NEW song? Is it FIRE or a FAIL?





Written by Mack


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