Sunday night kicked off with a touchdown for the American Super Bowl 50 opening with none other than ‘Miss Crazy,’ pulls out all the stops singer Lady Gaga!


The opening of the spectacular sporting event could not have been more patriotic. Miss Gaga had our jaws to the floor to say the least as she totally killed the National Anthem. She delivered some belters, did it justice, owned it and gave me some chilling goosebumps!


lady gaga 1


We know her only too well for her crazy outfits and creations on hit tracks, including the song feat the amazing beautiful Beyoncé, with “telephone” in Jan 2010.




Following on from an incredible, effortless performance with notes of perfection, the stage then reopened to welcome the ever so talented songstress, Beyoncé who blew us all away with her performance of new single, “formation.” It sure became a Queen Bey concert up in the place for another year.. And of course Miss Queen Bey does what she does best, nailed it! In an interview with NFL Network last week, Gaga said this was “one of the highest honors” of her career. “It’s such an honor and a total dream come true,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to sing the national anthem at a major sporting even since I was a little girl.” Instead of rooting for a side to win she added, “I’m here to root for everybody!” I think she’ll find we were rooting her on after that powerful killer rendition! Gaga dressed accordingly to compliment the event in top to toe Gucci. The ensemble was a 2-piece suit which boasted red shimmery sequenced fabric, make-up matched with piercing red glittery eye lids. Which she named, “star spangled red slippery eyes” on her Instagram post.



Then to finish off this co-ordinated look it could only be more Gucci. Platform heels of course! One in sparkly blue and the other red and white striped.



Gaga received such praise including an Instagram post from Versace_official.



If a comeback later this year is anything to go by then she has certainly paved the way! A rendition to remember ! Get em girl! Lady Gaga we salute you!


Check the full Super Bowl 50 performance, below:




Tell me she didn’t own that?!



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