Has Idris Elba found himself a cheerleader?


The internet was set a blaze with talks of the British eye-candy and pop royalty Madonna, as they allegedly revealed that they are now an item.


The two were seen in the act of some heavy PDA at a London night club, following Idris’ kickboxing debut over the weekend, which Madonna attended front row in support of her rumoured boo.






The ‘Like A Virgin‘ singer instagrammed herself and Idris, with the caption: ‘I kicked his butt.’





Well, despite the so-called club kissing and sightings of the two together, Idris nipped the rumours in the bud with the following tweet:




There you have it guys, breath a sigh of relief, the two are just mates, and Idris does not want motherlovers to think otherwise!


We wonder what Idris feel the need to address this in the first place…surely not everything deserves a response.



Your Thoughts?



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