If awaiting the possibility of another surprise album, or any other slay-worthy opportunity to arise is keeping The Hive at the edge of their seats, then this bit of news should give them something to look forward to.


According to New York Post‘s Page Six, Beyonce has signed on to appear in Bradley Cooper‘s modern remake of the 1954 Hollywood classic ‘A Star Is Born‘.

The 1954 film which was also a remake of the 1937 original was seen as the comeback of starlet Judy Garland, after a 4 year hiatus from Hollywood film.


Beyonce hasn’t twinkled her perfectly manicured toes in the acting pool in six years since 2009 thriller ‘Obsessed‘, of course this doesn’t include her outstanding performance after the incident now known as “Elevatorgate” of 2014. That right there was real professionalism.







The Hive needn’t get too excited just yet as they may have a wait on their hands, as the film may not be due until late next year.


The ‘7/11′ singer was said to have been interested in taking on a part in the film when Clint Eastwood was on as director, who offered Cooper his part, but he later dropped out of the project. The ‘Hangover‘ star has instead stepped up to the plate, and he will be both directing and starring alongside Bey.






It is always inevitable for Bey to give a flawless performance in anything she does but, even with an unbeatable career as hers, this is a pretty big deal.


The pressure is set at a rather high level for this one performance, as taking on a much loved lead role, once played by legends such as Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand, starring in the 1976 version, is no easy task.

Who needs that kind of responsibility right? Well, we are sure the Queen is up for the challenge.


Previous acting roles has seen some have their reservations on Beyonce’s acting abilities. If the elevator fight has proved anything, it’s that woman can act, and pretty well too.


What is the best way to hush naysayers? Win an award for Best Actress is the only way, which Bey did when she won a Golden Globe for ‘Dreamgirls‘. All that said, apparently the 34-year-old Mother of one is said to have been taking acting lessons to get back into the movie game.


Excited?….we are! When doesn’t Beyonce not build excitement and anticipation?!



Your Thoughts?



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