It’s here! Southern Hummingbird Tweet releases her third studio album Charlene.


It’s been a decade since the 45-year old songbird has gifted us with music. Tweet explains that she fell out of love with music, so took a time out, re-dedicated her life to Christ and went back to her roots, hence the title of the album Charlene, which is her birth given name. Tweets delicate voice is a truly a lost gem, as she may not be heavily active in the media but when you re-discover any one of her song, you fall back in love.


This month Tweet dropped a music video for her single ‘Magic,’ watch it here:



Her raspy textured soothing vocal is so seductive and that’s why we have missed it so much! Speaking with LA Times on her time away and what led to her decision to feeling like the timing is right, Tweet said:


“Finding the right home. I’ve been through different labels and situations, but eOne felt like the right place and the right time. It’s all in God’s time and I think he’s preserved me for this moment. It feels right. Everything lined up.


“They believed in me as an artist and they were fans. That’s the icing on the cake. When someone knows you as an artist and knows your struggles and everything it makes it more personal.”


Tweet’s first album came out 14-years ago, in 2002, and was brought to us with the support of Missy Elliott and Timbaland who presented her a soulful vocalist, actually it was a Ginuwine featured Missy track, ‘Take Away’ (from her Miss E…So Addictive), where we first were introduced, and what a delight. Since, the pair have become well-known for their collaborations… Sometimes unnoted in the credits, but we know it’s her, so of course, this album would feature a duet, “Somebody Else Will” which serves a ’90s R&B throwback with a strong warning if you don’t love them right, “somebody else will” okay!



Speaking on her time out of the spotlight, Tweet reveals her breaking point.


“I had to get my life together spiritually. It took a lot to compromise [on the last album]. It hurt a lot to not have nobody speak up for me. I was in a relationship and the guy had a baby on me. Everything was hitting the fan at the same time. I remember watching BET and Tonex [now known as B. Slade] was singing “Make Me Over.” … I was at my wits’ end. I was drinking every day, smoking three packs of cigarettes. It was like, come on, this can’t be life.”


On how she broke through it.


“I took myself on a spiritual journey. My spiritual life is on point now. I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t made that choice to go back and rededicate myself. That’s when my blessings started coming — hit or miss, with different labels. It was all done to build me for this time. I didn’t take it personal. I knew to keep the faith. I couldn’t hit anymore rock bottom than I already did.


“I moved to Florida to be closer to my parents. I focused on being grandma, mom, daughter, best friend — just living. I was still writing and doing shows, but just not in the mainstream.”


Check Tweet message on her new single ‘Magic,’ below:



Tweet says “If it’s not broke, I’m not going to try to fix it. It works,” when speaking on working with the same crew from her first two albums. Continuing to say, “If it’s not broke, I’m not going to try to fix it. It works. You know Missy and I, we have a lot of records in the vault — we could just sit and play so many records that people haven’t heard. But the song on this album, [“Somebody Else Will”], is so special because we’re both back to give something to the people. I really just want people to be reminded that there are artists out there still wanting to put out good music.”


“I can only do me” is what the songstress said in response to the evolution of R&B since her last album. Is Tweet concerned?!


“No, because everybody is going one way. Let me stay on my path, my own lane. I can only do me. There’s people that really want to hear it. If it’s five people, it’s five people. If it’s 10, it’s 10. Someone asked me why don’t I do some trap music and I said, “Because I’m claustrophobic.”


“But no, it’s just not my style. I couldn’t pull it off. Let them be great and let me do my own thing.”




Charlene offers versatility in tempo while staying true to R&B with truthful, soulful, honest, grown messages. If you are a fan of real R&B, be sure to buy Tweet’s new album here!






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