This week it was confirmed that, what we all already knew, Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’s Ray J and Princess Love are engaged!


The R&B singer and ex- of Kim Kardashian officially popped the question to his Love & Hip-Hop reality star beau on Boxing Day, gifting her with a piece of hot bling!



In an interview with RadarOnline, speaking on her experience Princess Love admitted: “I cried like a baby.” Blinded by this dazzle, I think I’d be crying tears too.


Ray J confessed he was nervous that Princess Love might have been caught a little too off-guard. “I was just hoping she would say yes,” continuing to say “I was not 100 percent confident!”


In a planned surprise proposal on the tarmac of an airport, with a private jet, Ray J planned to set off to Arizona with new fiancée Princess Love. J extended the surprise to her friends, family and his sister R&B singer Brandy greeting them both after the deed and had received the yes he hoped to receive.




“But she knows where my heart is and the connection we have,” he said. “She’s a true ride-or-die woman for me.”


From her past actions Ray J must be used to unexpected from Princess Love… who seems to have a feisty side. The on and off couple have faced multiple break-ups and let’s not forget the allegations of assault back in February where Ray J suffered broken ribs, a split lip and torn ACL after Princess Love attacked him in a New Orleans hotel.


A witness later testified that Princess was overheard at the hotel verbally threatening Ray J with “I’m gonna kill you!” Princess was later charged with domestic abuse and battery but was released after…  yep, got it in one – Ray J bailed her out!


But if you are a LHHH fan you know that these two have a turmoil relationship. On an episode of season 1’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Princess aggressively attacking Ray J after telling her he wanted to part ways. Watch below for the result…



On that note let’s hope the now happy couple can move forward, putting these tribulations behind them. Congratulations Ray J and Princess Love!




 Was this a good or bad move from Ray J?





Image via FilmMagic

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