Chyna Leaves Rob Kardashian a week before Christmas! Is this a publicity stunt? Is this really the end of #ChyRob?



The engaged couple finally moved in together, following the birth of their daughter Dream Kardashian, in one of Kylie’s rental homes. But now it’s over, Chyna has packed her things and moved back to her own house. What happened to then ‘reality show’ couple?!


Yesterday, Rob took his Snapchat to reveal that Chyna left the house, and took their daughter, Dream. She took away all the nursery, and left the rooms empty. He also said, ”I have never been this heartbroken in my life



What’s more is Chyna’s phone had been hacked! With the hacker posting print screens of messages between Chyna and Treasure, her best friend. Conversations on her relationship with Rob were made available for all of social media. Chyna told that Rob ”begged” her to get pregnant with him. She added that Rob is ”mentally ill”, ”fat”, ”lazy”, and ”insecure” and how she hoped to make money from the Kardashian name. She would have gave him a year and then end things with him.


Her friend even advised her to ”just stack your money, Kris will make sure y’all stable always“.

That’s somebody that hacked me and somebody’s really, really, really, really mad.” Told Chyna on Snapchat.


The hacker even posted a series of text messages between her and other men including Jaden Smith and Young Thug. Chyna tried to explain ”that’s not me”  after the messages showing she had been cheating on Rob were posted on her original account.






That’s a huge drama! After all this discovery the couple exposed their problems on Instagram.


I have all the messages with Chyna and her lawyer on how her plan was to marry Rob and trademark the name Kardashian and texts saying that was the only way to do it and that she is then going to win.” told the hacker before posting the said messages.


The message refers to her attempts to trademark the name “Angela Kardashian” after her marriage with Rob. The attempt was quickly blocked by lawyers of the Kardashian family.


This all went viral, with many questioning if this was real or fake ‘show drama’ for season two of their reality show. If this is true, all her plans sure fell in the water! The ex-stripper shortly took back her IG account then deleted all the hacking messages. Let’s see how she will manage through this hurricane!




The drama doesn’t stop there… Rapper The Game, who today his more famous for his eggplant friday social media posts, chimed in by commenting under Rob’s Instagram post.


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Rapper #TheGame posts under #RobKardashian's post.

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At one point last night Rob was even making a joke of his situation by posting fan memes on his social media.



As you can see, above, blogger Perez Hilton couldn’t help but add his two-pence. But the drama has not stopped, and our guess is this will continue until details of the new season are released. Peep the pairs exchange below, which happened just moments ago:






Any thoughts about this ‘reality’ drama?



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