Unfortunately another relationship has run it’s course, as it is rumored that rapper J.Cole has broken up with his long time girlfriend Melissa Heholt.


What is ever so slightly shocking about this news is the ‘Wet Dreamz‘ rapper had proposed to his long-term girlfriend on three occasions. All three were accepted with the final proposal this year presented with a 4 carat engagement ring.



Melissa, like any bride-to-be was clearly looking forward to her big day as she began dress shopping this year.


What went wrong?! This is not yet known, as neither have commented on deciding to part ways after being together for 10 years.





Well, a break-up is never easy and these two college sweethearts  it is no different, with their relationship spanning a decade long.


It is better to call time on a relationship rather than going ahead with a huge commitment as marriage, and realise when it’s too late that it may have been a mistake.



These days it seems as though the ‘D’ word is too easy an option, which really takes away from the sanctity of marriage.


This is disappointing as they seemed like a great couple, but whatever the reason we hope they can find happiness be it together or apart.




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