Did you catch the drama on this week’s episode of Basketball Wives: LA!?


Okay, so with all the drama last week (Jackie Christie spitting on Mehgan James. Brandi Maxiell throwing her plate of chips at Jackie) we were certain things would pop off again this week, but it seems our ladies are finally acting like grown women…hmmmm…let’s recap!





Brandi and Mehgan meet up to talk about their recent altercations with Jackie. At this point Brandi isn’t even sure if the cancer awareness event is still going ahead. She expressed that herself and Jackie have never been friends and never will be because Jackie isn’t loyal to anybody except her Husband Doug Christie. (Side note – Does anyone remember last season when Jackie got her own daughter involved in all the drama with the Draya Michele and the other girls? sigh..)


Mehgan asks Brandi what she would do if Jackie had spit on her instead, to which she replies “Beat the f*** out of her!”  We can tell Mehgan has something planned for Jackie, we’re just not quite sure what is it yet. Mehgan hasn’t been one to let us down in the past, so we already know it’s going to be good!….right?


Dodge ball…..Mehgan asks every one of the girls to join her in a game of dodge ball, even Jackie, who arrives with a face full of Vaseline, fully prepared for whatever might come of this group exercise. Knowing Jackie she probably carried a gun in her purse, but this was kept well hidden from the camera’s view… so over the top but she’s definitely kept us entertained this season..


Mehgan explains she came up with this idea as a lot of the girls in the group have underlying issues and this would be a way to let some aggression out without actually fighting. She hopes nobody will take it personally, but Draya isn’t having any of it. “I’m going to take it personally,” she says and she starts to leave. It looks like Draya has cottoned on to Mehgan’s real plan, and doesn’t feel like having a ball smashed into her face by someone with Mehgan’s build. She quickly exits and drives home.



Mehgan has prepared a personalised jersey for each of the girls, giving a name that best matches their personality. Malaysia Pargo gets ‘Drama Queen’, Draya gets ‘Thottie Hottie’ (she’s already left building at this point), Jackie get’s ‘Wackie’  (Shes happy to own it), Shaunie O’neil gets ‘OG’, Mehgan gets ‘FUPA’ (what a good sport…), Angel Brinks gets ‘New New’. and Brandi gets ‘Biotch’.

The game begins and Mehgan is taking no prisoners; she’s clearly been working on her throw and Jackie is on the receiving end. What seemed like a recipe for disaster actually turned out to be great fun for all the girls. Mehgan pulls Jackie to the side to discuss spit gate. Jackie apologises. Mehgan says she doesn’t hate her and she’ll work on accepting her apology. Jacki then apologises for throwing water at Brandi – Brandi gives her an E for effort, and feels she needs to accept Jacki for who she is… And just like that, all is right again in the world..these woman are crazy!



Jacki and Brandi meet up at a cosmetics shop to talk about their event which is still going ahead. Brandi seems to have fully let last weeks incident go and embraces Jacki as they giggle. Jackie has one thing she needs to show Brandi before they move on… she brought receipts! She pulls out proof that she isn’t broke, and proves her Chanel bag is real! Brandi can’t believe her eyes but and laughs it off.




Malaysia and Brandi haven’t spoken to Draya since the dodge ball situation so meet for dinner to catch up. Draya explains that she just really doesn’t like Mehgan. The girls aren’t quite surprised with this information. She then goes on to say she doesn’t like that her friends like Mehgan, and she doesn’t want to be around that. Brandi says Draya had an attitude and walked away like a drama queen. They feel like Draya should put up with the fact that they get on with Mehgan, as both girls have done with Jackie in the past few seasons. Brandi wants to know if Draya is coming to the cancer event as Mehgan is going to be there too..

Next week we see Brandi and Draya arguing at the event. Does Draya really make a comment about not caring for Brandi’s cancer survivor story? She might have taken things a bit too far this time. She recently tweeted that she might have one more scene this season




Do you think the show needs Draya?



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