Did you catch the drama on this week’s episode of Basketball Wives: LA!?


Its 10pm and Shaunie O’neal arrives, having just drove several hours to get to Santa Barbara.


The girls immediately try to bring her up to speed, each trying to tell their side of the story. Instantly, Shaunie picks up on Jackie Christie’s strange behaviour, and asks her how much she’s had to drink. Jackie avoids the question and asks if anybody has a problem with her. Everyone answers ‘Yes’. The conversation continues about Jackie and Mehgan James’ relationship which started the argument off in the first place. “She a nice person” Jackie offers about Mehgan, but Draya Michele feels like the issue is no longer about her so it doesn’t matter if she’s nice or not. Jackie turns to Meghan “You just gonna let her talk to you like that?” At this point the rest of the ladies are in disbelief as they cannot see where that comment even came from and can’t believe how manipulative Jackie is being. Jackie walks out the room.





Brandi Maxiell, Malaysia Pargo and Patrice Curry take Shaunie into one of their rooms to discuss Jackie’s general behaviour. Shaunie asks if she’s been drunk all day.


Angel Brinks, Mehgan and Draya stay in the kitchen and talk about the fight. Mehgan sticks to her belief that Jackie does’t have her back. Drunk Jacki joins them again as she doesn’t like the fact that she can hear her name from the other room. She says ‘If you really believe that I’m going to walk away. I don’t want to have a problem but I swear to god I had your back, and if you don’t want to believe it you follow these bitches right now. F*** you, f*** you Mehgan, you got a problem with me?” To Mehgan’s surprise, Jackie then calls her a liar and spits on her before walking off. If bad girls club is anything to go by, we know that Mehgan James is not the kind of girl to NOT retaliate, so he picks up a soap dispenser and throws it at Jackie. Jackie has plenty of time to attack Mehgan but waits for the security to get in between them. It’s at this point that she turns it up a notch and goes to hit Mehgan over the security guard, missing her by an inch. She gets brought into the other room, whilst the all the girls gather in the kitchen again, disgusted that Jackie would actually spit on somebody.




Jacki calls her assistant and asks her to get bail money ready. Shaunie and Malasia try to stop her from leaving because of the state that she’s in. Jackie shouts ” I want to kill this B****!” Draya shouts back from the kitchen “Who does she want to kill because she needs to learn a lesson”. This sets Jackie off again…


The girls eventually manage to put Jackie in a Uber Cab, and call it a night.


Shaunie and Mehgan meet up the next day to get her side of the story on a one to one. Mehgan is so disappointed and cannot forgive her. She says she is going to get revenge, she may even sleep with her husband Doug Christie!





Malaysia and Brandi meet up with Angel to get to know her more because they weren’t able to on the trip. Angel arrives just as the two women are talking about how she was introduced to the group as a ‘real friend’. The girls tell Angel they’re over it but she’s not convinced. They get Angels opinions on the group and they aren’t positive, as they expected. The girls warm to Angel and Malaysia feels she would like to meet her one on one.





Jacki meets with Draya as she feels she instigated the fight. Both women are dressed in sportswear, Draya’s hair tied in a bun. Jackie wants someone to blame and Draya is not the one. Jackie wants Draya to apologise but she has no intentions of doing so. Draya suggests Shock Therapy to Jackie, as personality 7 seems to have emerged.





Jackie goes to the gym with her husband Doug and, after their workout, feels it’s time to update him on recent events. Doug seems to be the only person that can defuse Jackie and he advises her to apologise. She later goes to meet Brandi to discuss their event for cancer as she seems to be in a good place….until Brandi arrives late..





Brandi arrives when Jackie is 3 drinks in, and wishes she’d be able to have a decent conversation with her whilst she’s sober. Jackie asks why Brandi has been ignoring her, saying the phone just rings out. Brandi hits back at this and says she hasn’t received any calls. By this point she already knows Jackie is lying so things probably aren’t going to go so well. Brandi calls her a lunatic and Jackie wants to know why. Things escalate quickly when Jackie says Brandi instigated the situation with Mehgan. Jackie is happy with Brandi’s attitude, and says this is the attitude she needs to be in her clique, the ‘get money’ click. Brandi laughs and reminds her that she owns an apartment. Jackie says she owns ‘9 houses’ and ‘9 Rolex’s (real ones). Meanwhile, the diamond falls out of Jackies ring, to which she responds ‘It doesn’t matter, I’m a big boss.’ They continue to throw jabs at each other and it’s just getting worse by the second. Brandi calls Jackie Crazy and Jackie keeps on referring to her as a bitch. Brandi says she has one more time to call her a bitch…… to which Jackie replies ‘BITCH…..’ Brandi gets up calmly but throws the plate of chips at Jackie as she leaves, but not before Jackie empties the contents of her glass at the back of Brandi’s head..





Did you see the sneak peek of what’s to come this season? It involves a trip to Puerto Rico and it doesn’t look like the girls are going to be getting on any time soon. This time, Tami Roman looks set to be back in on the action. Tami vs Brandi? Draya VS Brandi? Draya vs Mehgan? When will these ladies ever realise? Trips away are the last thing they need to do together in order to resolve any issues they have.. But its great viewing for us!


Roll on next week..


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