The first year of marriage is expected to be the honeymoon period for newlyweds, but the past twelve months have been far from a bed of roses for The Normans.


Jagged Edge singer, Kyle Norman was arrested last year January for assaulting his then fiance Marrika Maria, choking and shoving her engagement ring down her throat.

Marikka had reportedly sustained other injuries, including bruising, bleeding, memory loss and a golf ball sized-knot on her head, after confronting her then fiance after returning home drunk.


Four months after the incident Marrika had decided to forgive Kyle, and the couple married despite the protests of her family and friends. The question anybody would ask, ‘why did she go back?’


Well, the two appeared on The Steve Harvey Show to discuss her decisions behind taking him back and the effects of not only forgiving him, but the consequences she has faced herself as a result of the attack. Marrika speaks on how her relationship with Kyle has not only caused her to loose her foster daughter but her family as well.


In an attempt to redeem himself, Kyle apologised to his wife for his actions and then proceeded to apologise to his fans;


“I just want our fans to know, that I’m Kyle. Kyle made a mistake. But I’ve got to continue to be a better person. We all seem to fall short of the glory of God. I’m human, you know. And whatever I have to do, I’m going to do it. And whatever I have to say, I’ma say it to speak out against domestic violence”.


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