Rapper, music mogul and businessman Jay Z appeared on this weeks episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live which was taped in Brooklyn, New York on Tuesday night.


Everyone has those videos or pictures from their youth that is hoped never see the light of day again, and Jay Z is not exempt, even with his resume.

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel decided it would be fun to take the Brooklyn rapper down memory lane.


According to Daily Mail,


The 99 Problems rapper – real name Shawn Carter – was surprised by the 47-year-old host airing the video featuring a much younger Jay Z who showed that he had a very impressive flow at an early age.


In the clip that looked like it was from the late-eighties or early-nineties, the Brooklyn born and raised performer rocked a red and white striped polo shirt and a fade haircut featuring a razor line in it.


His rapping style has definitely evolved since that day as he was showing off his ability to rhyme fast without getting tongue-tied as was the style in the early days of hip-hop.

One of the most memorable lines Jay Z spit was: ‘You seem to pale in comparison, Jay Z is embarrassing you’re time after, you’re rhyme after, the last Jay Z line.’


After the clip aired the husband of Beyonce had a look of shame on his face as he said: ‘That was embarrassing.


‘I said something about  “Jay Z is embarrassing” and I was a prophet because that was very embarrassing. The haircut, the shirt I mean everything.’




Check out the clip below:





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