Rapper/mogul Jay-Z teamed up with wifey Beyoncé to jump on DJ Khaled‘s latest track ‘Shining‘, is he taking jabs at this years Grammy Best Rap Artist Drake?

Khaled shared the song following this years Grammy Awards ceremony, allegedly has a message for Drake.


Check it out ‘Shining‘ below:



Co-written with PartyNextDoor, the new track has generated a new fan theory that Jay’s shots at Drizzy is in retaliation to Drake’s mention in his ‘Summer Sixteen’ verse, “I used to wanna be on Roc-A-Fella then I turned into Jay.”


The soon to be father of twins raps the following:


“I know you ain’t out here talkin’ numbers, right? / I know you ain’t out here talkin’ summers, right? / I know you ain’t walkin’ ’round talkin’ down / Sayin’ boss shit when you a runner, right?”


And of course, Twitter reacted:


The two rappers have been going back and forth throwing disses to each other for some time now in the driest rap beef (or not) ever, and both should probably let it go.



Your Thoughts?



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