Really? Is this how we’re capping off Black History Month? SMH


As you may know back in 2008, after her Award-winning performance in Dreamgirls, singer/actress Jennifer Hudson faced the unimaginable when her mother,brother, and 7 year old nephew were tragically murdered. Four years later in 2012 William Balfour, then estranged Husband of Hudson’s sister Julia, was found guilty of the heinous act and was sentenced to 3 consecutive life sentences in prison.


Well according to BET he recently sat down with ABC to speak out in his first interview since the 2008 tragedy and what he has to say may shock you.


Check out his full quote below:


Balfour: “I didn’t have nothing to do with her family being killed. Period [ …] I didn’t have nothing to do with the case and don’t know who had anything to do with the case.”

Interviewer: ““To hear you describe it, this was a huge conspiracy,”

Balfour: “Exactly, exactly,”


Hmmm…A conspiracy?


Now just wait a minute wasn’t this man already out on parole for attempted murder when all of this went down? And didn’t he allegedly steal the car where Jennifer’s 7 year old nephew’s body was found? Oh okay….thought so


We will admit, years ago like most celebs, we had heard outlandish conspiracy theories claiming that Jennifer Hudson was a part of the Illuminati and that in order to gain entrance she had to “sacrifice” her family. However in the words of a very wise woman “Y’all haters corny with that illuminati mess”. It goes without saying that we here at TeamCurtains are  Team JHUD ( as if there is any other side to be on)


It is sad that as a celebrity you are hardly allowed to keep the memory of loved ones who’ve passed on without the general public turning into something sick, and trivial.


It was also recently reported that despite current incarceration that Balfour is currently looking for love, S0.. ladies….RUN THE OTHER WAY!


What do you think of Balfour’s comments? Let us know in the comments!


Written by Mack

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