Let’s just say, Mariah Carey shade is everlasting!


While Jennifer Lopez is making her rounds to promote her prime time hit TV show ‘Shades Of Blue’ and her Las Vegas residency, ‘All I Have’, people are still talking about Mimi’s infamous shady comment about the dancing diva from last decade.


Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey were making headlines together long before they became rivals in the Las Vegas residency show circuit alongside a slew of other divas. Nearly 15 years ago, Mariah Carey was asked in an interview her opinion of a few fellow popular female singers and when Jennifer Lopez’s name came up she responded  “I don’t know her” in, what some perceived, a superior tone. Don’t remember? Allow us to refresh your memory with the clip below:


Once the clip surfaced, the two divas were rumored to have a feud brewing, lasting well over a decade! J-Lo has never formally addressed the comment until now.


The former ‘Fly Girl’ made an appearance on  the Wendy Williams Show recently and addressed questions about her  on-again-off-again beau, Casper (The friendly boy toy), her upcoming projects, and the rumored Mariah Carey feud.


During the interview Williams lured Lopez in by asking if she ever went incognito to check out the competition in Las Vegas.  She responded “I went and saw a bunch of shows […] I didn’t see Mariah because she wasn’t playing at the time.” So in  true Wendy fashion she replied  “Who? No, I’m playing. That’s what Mariah said about Jennifer one time” as a ploy to get Jenny’s thoughts on Mother Lamb. Hit the 13:15 minute mark below and watch!



Well we guess it’s never too late for a clap back! In typical ‘Jenny From The block’ fashion, her response was a brand of classy yet subtle shade.  She simply replied “she does say that, she’s forgetful I guess.”



TMZ caught up with Mimi and asked her thoughts on the now the iconic phrase. Mariah responded “still don’t know her”




Do you think Mariah is forgetful and shady, or sips too much wine to remember?


Let us know in the comments below!

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