Kid Cudi’s definitely ain’t here for this story!


It’s finally over! Jhene Aiko is filing for divorce. The talented ’Souled Out’ singer is ending her marriage with Dot da Genius, producer and founder of the label HeadBanga Muzik Group, who she married 11-months ago – it was a short marriage!


Jhene Aiko Big Sean teamcurtains


She’s been working real close with ‘Win Some, Lose Some’ rapper Big Sean on the album Twenty88, which was released April 2016 and of course, they have become more than friends! This past June they made out in front of the Anaheim concert crowd, she was later spotted wearing his chain and now she’s spilling all by tweeting on her ended marriage and affair with Big Sean – Wow… Great for you Jhene!


Let’s hope that this new couple can last longer than this marriage… Otherwise all this noise for nothing!



Following these tweets rapper Kid Cudi – who is a co- worker and friend of ‘Genius – tweeted on this situation and he ain’t here for it! He fired shots at Big Sean and Jhene saying “they’re” (Dot da Genius and him) are too busy making better music.



Do you agree with Kid Cudi’s tweet? They better concentrate on their music…





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