The residents of Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club welcomed their most recent guests to sit in the hot seat.


R&B supergroup Jodeci minus forth member Devonte Swing visited to share on Jojo’s collapse on stage, clear rumours that they had ever disbanded, past relationships, their new album and what they think of today’s music.


We are certain that many parents can credit Jodeci to the birth of their children, as they were for sure making that baby making music of the 90s. Will you be purchasing their new CD?


Jodeci speak on which bands they liked or had a dislike to in their heyday and how they dealt with fame as young men growing up in the industry.


Here are six reasons you need to watch this interview:


1. It’s funny!

2. K-Ci dishes on his relationship with Mary J Blige (which btw lasted 12 years…who knew?)

3.  K-Ci and JoJo have a difference in opinion on what led to JoJo collapsing on stage

4. JoJo shares initially neither himself nor Mr. Dalvin wanted their brothers in the group

5. Mr. Dalvin lets us know that Madonna dated his brother Devonte

6. They speak on their affiliation with Dr. Dre & Suge Knight’s Deathrow Records


And those are just our favourite bits, surprisingly the entertainment value was there for the right reasons. This interview made a nice change from their past controversial performances gone wrong, which they have recently gained a reputation for in the media.


Check out the interview below:






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