Keepin’ It Classy! Did JoJo just spill some 5H tea?


Last year POP sensation JoJo opened for Fifth Harmony‘s 7/27 tour, which became their final course as a quintet (becoming a quartet after Camila Cabello set herself free for her much-anticipated solo endeavours), which offered an opportunity for the ‘Too Little Too Late’ singer to introduce herself to today’s teens.


JoJo Calls On Remy Ma For Two Fucks About Fake Ass B*tches


The singer revealed, in an interview with Malcolm Music, that during the tour the girls would go out and eat every night. Responding to whether she felt any signs of the separation during her stint on the tour, JoJo opened up on spotting tension in 5H (before Camila quit), with her advice, she said:


“My advice is to always stay in the spirit of gratitude … and that you just want to keep that perspective in check whenever you feel a little too excited about yourself.”


Apparently one of the member’s has a bit of an ego problem. We wonder who she was referring to?! That we wanna know… Anyway, check the interview for yourself below:




Harmonizers, who was she referring to?



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