Do you remember that sweet little black girl from the movie Akeelah & the Bee?! Well she is allllll grown now and ready to take her entertainment to new levels.


Keke Palmer, who most recently can be recognised a one of the lead actresses in the TV series Scream Queens is pursuing music in a big way and wants to prove she has what it takes to entertain. A singing career for Keke’s has always been on the cards and if you follow her on Instagram you will know she can blow! But kind of artist will she become…


Moments ago, the 22-year old dropped a video to her social media of herself pop, lock and droppin’ down low with two back-up dancers. We can’t lie – her take on the Rihanna & Drake’s new single ‘Work‘ serves as a much more impressive visual but honestly, some may not be ready for the ‘grown and sexy’ Keke who suggestively uses her sweet candy as a tool to stroke her female dancers – while we can see the appeal, we are still in reminiscent of our cute little Akeelah… But maybe this is her whole point!


Posting to her social media, the actress wrote:


Heyyyyyy Kidz, I’m back at it again with this jammy jam from Rih Rihhh “WORK”. I’mma need y’all to send in some response vids :))))) ‪#‎DanceAholic‬ ‪#‎FreakyFriday‬ ‪#‎FrozenPrincess‬ ‪#‎CallMeElsa‬ ‪#‎Werrrrrk‬


Though we are sure she was using she was using the word ‘Kidz’ as slang, it may still be poor wording, giving her age and the fact that she has such a huge following from the youth. Immediately response comments came in to query her choice of words.


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Regardless, Keke still wins as the visual does entertain in a way that I’m sure even Rih will enjoy! Watch Palmer take to a pole, with a lolly pop in hand as she twerks and puts it to work, below:



Did you get into it?



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