At 16-years old Keke Palmer was not only starring in a Nickelodeon sitcom, but she was also busy recording an album which was never released.

The Scream Queens star decided to uncover the unreleased album after overcoming anxiety and depression.


Keke had the following to say via her website;



I did not spread my wings because I was told I couldn’t fly a certain way and I believed it! I stopped trying all together because I allowed people to make me believe that being an artist meant having big budget music videos and big record producers backing you. When in reality, all being an artist means is to be fearless in your creative pursuits. My anxiety, caused by the habit of unconsciously holding my breath, coupled with the stress of my personal life at that time created a lot of hard years of depression for me. However, I am exalted now because God brings it to you when you are ready, not when you think you are. I am now right where I should be and I can see with my heart that I have always known who I am and who I want to be.


Now I release to you the unreleased album I composed when I was sixteen, now titled, “Waited To Exhale” Enjoy, I love you all for your support during those years even though I let so many of you down. It was so hard for me to fight through my anxiety and my depression but God put me through it so I can tell you! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF BECAUSE THATS ALL THAT IS STOPPING YOU! You must believe in the dark so when the light comes on everything is seen clearly.





Check it out below:




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