Former Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland and longtime collaborator Frank Gatson are up to something. You probably heard it recently, Kelly is billed as the star of the upcoming series “Chasing Destiny” the next big female music group.



The singer who premiered ‘Dumb’ via her soundcloud last october will be the producer, Gatson the creative director and also choreographer.


“No one has actually gotten a chance to see the journey of a group, We actually wanted to have everything documented and cameras following us.” Kelly confessed


En Vogue, served as comic relief for the “Chasing Destiny” panel and according to Frank:



“I always thought En Vogue can sing better than Destiny’s Child. She doesn’t agree. Those four girls all were lead singers. In Destiny’s Child, they were all lead singers, too, but in En Vogue, they were just amazing because they were put together organically, and I think that’s the thing that’s going to happen with this show.”


The first episode of Kelly Rowland’s new BET talent-search premieres on April 5th.


But for now, BET have revealed a sit-down chat with Kelly and Frank, watch the behind the scenes below:



Are you ready to be entertained?

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