“Sometimes you can spend your whole life looking for Prince Charming when a King arrives” – Kenya Moore



Someone give this lady a break! April 1st has long and gone… This must be a cruel extended April Fools joke being played on poor Kenya Moore. The Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star has discovered (for now we use that word lightly) that her new beau has already tied the knot with another woman… the worst is she found this out on social media after the pictures emerged from his Facebook account.


A couple of months back Kenya revealed her mystery Boyfriend to the world via Instagram after being set up with James Freeman by Patti Stanger’s Millionaire Matchmaker for the BravoTV show. As far as we all knew Kenya had been booed up with James since meeting him on the show, and seemed really happy about their blossoming relationship and getting to know him.


Just this very month Kenya posted an image, then soon deleted, while in Las Vegas, of her hand with a ring on her ring finger which had tongues wagging that the reality star may be engaged to her new boo.





Welp, we can now nip all that in the bud as it turns out that James has apparently married pro Beach Volleyball player Jaimi Gregory just three weeks ago…ouch!


This is a real mess.


Now such news would be devastating and heartbreaking for anyone to find out, especially after one who has been ‘waiting a lifetime for Prince Charming’ to come along. But we are going to keep it all the way real with you! We may have some reservations on this one, as it can neither be forgotten nor frankly disregarded that Kenya was once accused for faking a relationship for the sake of her reality show storyline.


Surely you all  remember Walter, no? Well, Walter appeared in a few episodes alongside the former Beauty Queen in RHOA as her then Boyfriend back in her debut season 5. After breaking up with Kenya and exiting the show, Walter revealed that he was asked/hired by ‘Miss Twirl’ to play her love interest, a claim denied by Kenya.


So, as much as we sympathize with Kenya and this heartbreaking revelation, we must admit there is one twitching eye that is eager to give the ever shady side look.




Summink ain’t right in the water, the milk sure don’t smell right…this tea though?


The former Miss USA took to her instangram to post the following statement regarding the news.



This is a strange one because on one hand we hope that Kenya’s new former love interest was not fabricated, as that is just low and sad, but we also do not wish for it to be true as it would mean possibly real heartbreak, which you wouldn’t wish on anyone.


If it is true, then honey continue twirling your way onto the next… You’re beautiful and will find who is truly meant for you.





Are you buying this story?



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