Aspiring Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates must have skipped the boys don’t hit girls speech during school carpet time.


On Sunday 30th August while touring, a female fan who paid a whole $35 for a ticket to see Gates at a Lakeland, Florida night club reached out to grab the rappers shorts and was kicked in the chest. Don’t believe us, check the video, below:



The ‘IDGT’ performer field kicked 18-year old Miranda Dixon, all for touching his shorts. Before we continue to discuss the Battery charges he is rightfully facing courtesy of the state of Florida, lets first acknowledge that the ‘Thinking With My D*ck’ rapper has a history for hitting women. Earlier this year, in March, Gates was caught on camera fighting with a female fans then too.


Of course, thanks to social media his recent attack went viral on social media and as the police caught wind of the incident, it was investigated and he was charged. The victim and her mother have since spoken out on the matter stating that days later she was still in pain and was facing troubles with movement and since has not been talking very much. During a recent interview the mother daughter tag teamed to express their confusion and disappointment regarding Kevin’s reaction. The mother understandably wants the rapper in jail, but the victim Miranda says she forgives him despite no longer a fan.



What does Kevin kickin’ Gates have to say about all this you ask? Well, in true rapper style he responded with a song called ‘The Truth’ saying he warned her 3 times not to touch him, says she grabs his manhood and she wasnt respecting herself!


Wanna hear the song? Ok, well click it anyway, below:




Any thoughts this?




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