There may just be hope for the Kardashian-Odom love story. We guess it can be said that both Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are taking their marriage vows seriously, or are they?


It has been reported by TMZ that the former couple aren’t quite ready to face the big ‘D’ word.


Here is what is confusing, well one of multiple confusing facts since their break-up, according to sources close to the two, there isn’t any hopes of reconciliation, well at least at the minute as they aren’t necessarily closing the door on the possibility.






Is your first thought…’wait…what? Isn’t Khloe ‘sometimes’ dating rapper French Montana?’, we thought so too!



If you keep up with the Kardashian’s it may have crossed your mind in the past what the deal is with the reality star and her new off-and-on boo, because on a couple of occasions she has said that if she had it her way she would still be with Lamar.






If we bear all of this in mind, this story of the two not ready to divorce doesn’t come as much of a shock.


Although, it does bring to question the type of relationship she has with French Montana which status seems to change from one week to the next, or is it more of a friendship type of situation? French, if you do care, now might be a time to ‘panic’ Bro.


Surely, if you’re dating someone, be it on and off you’re bound to be feeling some kind of way hearing that…or no?


Well, who knows, lets just hope in the end they all figure it out and all involved have a happy ending because this is just too much.


It is also no secret that Khloe has had a lot to deal with over the past couple years where her relationship is concerned, not to mention step-father Bruce’s recent transgender news, a divorce may not be what anyone would want to deal with.





                                                        Should Khloe and Lamar Reconcile?





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