Oh…this definitely won’t help with those rumors Chrissy!


This season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has brought us drama, foot-kickin’ foolery, and the introduction of the show’s newest cast member, actress and Television icon, Kim Fields and her husband, tap dancer, Chris Morgan.


teamcurtainskimfieldschrissyThroughout the current eighth season of the Atlanta-based franchise, Fields’ husband has been the under the scrutiny of many after cast mate Kenya Moore told others that she heard that Morgan was “fruity” via the Hollywood/Atlanta rumor mill where Morgan is frequently referred to as “Chrissy”.


Back in December 2015 it was reported that Morgan had developed a very close relationship with fellow Atlanta natives and alleged “down low” celebs like film-maker/mogul, and part time drag queen actor, Tyler Perry & famed pastor, Donnie McCurklin. Which further fueled rumors that Morgan himself had been lying about his sexuality.


Well this past Sunday was the show’s season finale and in this highly anticipated episode Chris and his particular traits were the topic of conversation once again:



Chris Fields Morgan is a man of many talents. When he is not tap dancing for the lord, he is a trained Broadway actor who also works in the entertainment industry behind the scenes. However this week Chris came out….of the shadows to set the record straight when a commenter from Instagram asked him about the RHOA moment above that had everyone snickering.




“Who cares what a thot with no chance of a man thinks of me”


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is a man and a father of two who said that. While Chris was reading cast mate Porsha Williams, her assistant and close friend/”brother” Johnnie D, decided to take to social media to defend the ample bodied Georgia peach.



“Receipts coming soon” ?!? Well it looks like these queens fellas won’t be seeing eye to eye anytime in the near future.


While we really didn’t read too much into the initial rumors, as a man should be able to own his natural quirks and talents without judgement, we must admit that Chris’ insults do have a bit of a feminine flare and was quite unnecessary.


You can watch Mr. Morgan in action as he comes for Kenya on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion airing this Sunday, March 20th at 10/9 pm CST!



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Written by Mack

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