Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Kirk Frost and his several earrings has been stepping out on his wife, Rasheeda.

According to Bossip, Kirk has been enjoying some extracurricular activities which resulted in the birth of a child, for whom he was paying child support until his mistress broke things off with him.

Via Bossip;


Jasmine Washington said Kirk went behind his spouse’s back for their clandestine relationship, and sired a secret baby son that he abandoned when she ended their relationship. Now, Jasmine said it’s time he steps up and pay child support as well as her legal fees.

Jasmine said during their alleged affair, Kirk encouraged her not to work, and she became his kept woman. He gave her a living allowance and even gave her a car to drive as an incentive to stay with him, according to court docs obtained by BOSSIP.

She said their son, Kannon Mekhi Washington, was born last year and is now six months old.

But things got bad when Jasmine said she broke up with Kirk on Halloween of last year. He began to deny the baby, completely stopped paying to support her and the child and took the car back. She said she’s in a “state of financial distress” because of Kirk’s actions and is especially concerned about paying for daycare because she hasn’t been able to find a job.

Jasmine’s current income is zero, but her monthly expenses are $4,059 – not including $1,456 that she has to pay to creditors. The 27-year-old said it would be fair for 47-year-old ex to pay $2,500 in child support. She said she thinks the married father of five rakes in $10,000 a month and has multiple real estate properties but wants the judge to force him to reveal his exact income.

Jasmine said since Kirk cut her off and started denying baby Kannon…If Kirk is proven to be the father, it’ll be another blow to his marriage to Rasheeda. It’s not the first time the CEO of “DLo Music” has allegedly stepped out on his wife. Kirk’s cheating while Rasheeda was pregnant was even a storyline on “Love & Hip Hop” a few years back.

Kirk has yet to respond to the suit. We’ve reached out to him as well as Rasheeda’s rep for comment.

Jasmine wants Kirk to take a DNA test, and for him to appear in court to explain to the judge why she shouldn’t get child support.




This is one big messy situation, which no doubt we will see play out on the reality series. Will Rasheeda and Kirk work through this huge bump in the road that is their marriage?

To think, for a man who didn’t want anymore children, even with his own wife….he is not doing so well on that front.  Mona Scott Young sure knows how to pick em’.


Your thoughts?

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