Well, we guess it’s better late than never!


Yes, singer/songwriter and meat-wearer, Lady Gaga is the latest celebrity jumping on the BlackLivesMatter bandwagon. Recently the United States has been plagued with tragedy as senseless murder after senseless murder of African Americans have been committed at the hands of police officers throughout the country over the past few years.


Majority of these cases in which African Americans were killed have resulted in no conviction, such as Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, and many more.With little to no justice being served for the victims of these hateful acts, the #BlackLivesMatter movement was formed.


Many celebrities have openly spoken out and have shown support for this movement like Nick Cannon, Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, and Beyonce, who even made the issue a main focal point in her latest visual album, Lemonade.


However, the self-proclaimed Mother Monster is now speaking up. Check out what she tweeted after the jump:




Well said Steffani.


Since the internet has successfully broken down the irrational concept of “AllLivesMatter,” It seems that getting behind the #BlackLivesMatter Movement has now all of a sudden become the “politically correct” thing to do.


While this is great exposure for the campaign’s message to end police brutality and systemic racism, it does nothing to produce actual tangible solutions to the issues and prejudice that African Americans are facing in the US. We would love to see Gaga protest, march, fund black organizations to increase the community’s outreach and influence to transform the justice system in place, Like how some of our favorite stars already have been doing.


But for now a tweet will do, it is a great start at least.






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