Lady Gaga has never done things by halves, why should this time be any different?! Especially with such a huge gig as the Superbowl halftime show, not to mention being up next after Beyonce. No pressure Gaga…none at all!

Well, we can’t say whether the ‘Perfect Illusion‘ singer is feeling the heat for this performance, but what we do know is according to sources, Lady Gaga is about ready to risk her neck for the prefect performance entrance.

It has been said that the 30-year-old pop sensation is planning on singing on the roof of the stadium.


Via Page Six;

Although insiders say “her team is worried” about technical and safety issues surrounding Gaga’s scheme, we’re told the “Born This Way” singer is “all for it” and “pushing to do it.”

“They’re writing up multiple plans about how to safely get her on the roof, including potentially [cutting] a hole in the ceiling of the dome,”says a source with knowledge of the arrangements.

Organizers are also considering “airlifting” the famously outrageous performer onto the stadium, where yet-to-be-decided teams will compete in Super Bowl LI.

“Trying to figure out insurance for it is crazy,” said the worried insider.


Never to be one without an opinion, talk show host Wendy Williams has called the singer ‘really selfish’ on her show on Tuesday following the news of Gaga’s plans.

Williams blasted the singer by saying:

people aren’t there for the half-time show, they’re there for the game, you’re taking time, energy and focus away from the team by wanting to do this silly stunt….they have enough security issues to worry about at the Super Bowl“.




Roof or sans roof, we can not wait to see what Gaga has in store for us.



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