With what felt like the shortest halftime performance ever, monster leader Lady Gaga headlined between the Superbowl 51 half-time game between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots.


Gaga gave an electricifying performance, as she jumped from the top of the stadium, with a parashoot, into the stadium to perform her favourite POP hits. Unfortunately, there was no guest feature, as Lady Gaga rocked the half-time show solo… well with support of her hundred plus dancers, but no big name. Did she need the assistance?


The 30-year old showed great variety in her performance, picking up an electric guitar, playing the piano, dancing, singing acapella, outfit changes and leaping off the stage to greet her fans… What more would you want? Beyonce


Born This Way, Pokerface, Edge of Glory, Million Reasons, Telephone, Bad Romance & more… Watch the full performance, below:



Was the performance worth the wait?! Twitter weighs-in:



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