And she has officially returned!!


POP musical tycoon now country inspired diva, Lady Gaga has finally released her 4th studio album, Joanne and it sounds… different!




Gaga, originally named Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, makes a come back with an album named after her aunt who although died before she was born, Gaga claims she feels a special spiritual connection to her.


The sentimental album is Gaga’s most incredibly different and also her most personal in comparison to all her other works with lyrics about her family and a title track addressed to her late aunt. The 14-track piece features sounds that are stripped down, laid back and almost modest. We definitely hear the Lady but not so much the Gaga. Well at least not the Gaga we’re used to.


Through a lot of the album, the 30-year old songstress keeps us guessing with tracks that sound like they’d be sung by artists from genres such as country, indie and even soft rock with the heavy dosages of acoustic and electric guitars along with various tempos and beats. For instance a song such as “Just Another Day” gives us hippie vibes like The Beatles, a song like “A-YO” takes us to down to Texas for the rodeo whilst the song “Hey Girl” featuring Florence & the Machine vocalist,  Florence Welch, is a more laid back 90s R&B inspired track you probably would’ve heard on Solange’s  album with the bump and grind beat and the airy ad-libs.


Joanne also features a song named “Angel Down” which is a tribute to the racially gunned down teenage victim, Trayvon Martin. A beautiful ballad in support of Black Lives Matter, Gaga pulls at the heart-strings of black and white audience members alike. We see this when she sings the lyrics:


“Doesn’t everyone belong/ In the arms of the sacred/ Why do we pretend we’re wrong?/ Has our young courage faded?/ Shots were fired down the street/ By the church where we used to meet. Angel down, angel down. Why do people just stand around?”


The album also features guest productions from artists such as well renowned guitarist Mark RonsonTame Impala‘s Kevin Parker and Queens of the Stone Age‘s Josh Homme.




All-in-all, Joanne is a pretty beautiful piece though different from what we’re used to, it’s still refreshing to see Gaga head in a different direction with her sound. We were a bit sceptical when she released her first single “Perfect Illusion” last month as we were unsure of the direction she was headed but Joanne is definitely an impressive come back from her last album Artpop which left most listeners feeling underwhelmed. The album is an addition to Gaga’s collection of classical moments which also include her duet album Cheek To Cheek with Jazz legend, Tony Bennet as well as her rendition of The Sound of Music at the 2015 Oscar Awards.


Take a listen to the album, here:



We tip our pink hats to you Mother Monster and can’t wait to hear these songs live.


Let us know what you thought of Gaga’s Joanne?




Written by Luke

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