Saved By The Bell actress Lark Voorhies has had enough of her husband’s social media blasts and took to social media to confirm she is “no longer married” to the alleged gang member Jimmy Green in Instagram pop-off!


The 41- year old star, who recently joined Instagram, first took to Twitter to tweet Wikipedia with the request they amend her marriage status after she filed for divorce from her ex- last month, only six months after their Las Vegas marriage. It was just four months ago Lark rambled to defended Jimmy in an interview with Entertainment Tonight‘s Kevin Frazier, below:



A hot mess you say?! Well Jimmy agrees according to TMZ, who admits the only reason the marriage didn’t end sooner was because he had no clue how to file for divorce. It’s said that Lark is suffering from bipolar disease, confirmed by Lark’s mother, which the above interview definitely adds fuel to her mother’s assertion.


Did you think the pair wouldn’t look back after filing for divorce… wrong!



Posting the above picture of herself, she wrote in her caption:


To whom this may concern. I am single! Jimmy couldn’t fork up a dime for our divorce. There’s an active restraining order that he continues to violate. No sex tape even physically exists. Do you really think he could afford a camera? I gave him money multiple times and put minutes on his Obama phone. You better take a U-Turn on that bus. Everyone in Pasadena knows you’re a joke. Gang Member? You lost your job at Taco Bell. Your penis is NOTHING to brag about! Is it normal for a penis to smell like corn chips?


I chose to not be in the spotlight. I am an amazing author (3 Books on Amazon) and I am currently working on a short film that I wrote & directed and putting the final touches on my highly anticipated album! I’m too busy to interact with you bugaboos. Take care and god bless! LV


Well that’s not all… When we posted her caption on our Team Curtains Instagram the pair continued their antics underneath our post in the comments section, take a read:




But smelling like corn-chips… really?! Let’s pray for their mental health.



Any thoughts?



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