January 16, 2017 would’ve been Aaliyah’s 38th Birthday.

We are here to celebrate her, honor her, and cherish her on her born day as we always should.

Celebrate the life that was given to us in this short amount of time. Let the loss be a lesson and a reminder that we must appreciate each other while we are here on earth. Stop waiting until its too late to let someone know you love them and you care.

Honor the short but brilliant career. The career that transcended generations and shifted a culture. Honor the moment in time that we witness greatness.

Cherish the legacy that shall never be forgotten. Cherish her name and may it forever be SAID OUT LOUD. Let it roll off the tongues of the kids born in the new era. Cherish her light.





Aaliyah became successful at such a young age it wasn’t just because of her undeniable talent but her family’s connections to the music industry. Her uncle Barry Hankerson was a music executive and her Aunt is singing legend Gladys Knight. Her uncle Barry also managed R. Kelly and introduced Aaliyah to him. Throughout her career she was managed by her mother Diane Haughton and father Michael Haughton. Her cousin Jomo Hankerson executive produced her albums.

In 1997, “Journey to the Past,” was a song she sang on the soundtrack of animated movie Anastasia, was nominated for an Oscar for Best Song. Aaliyah got to perform it at the Oscars. She was only 18. She is still the youngest person to have sung at the Oscars. Paving the way for future hip hop stars to take center stage at the Academy Awards.


In 2000, Aaliyah starred in her debut film role in Romeo Must Die. She also produced the soundtrack, which included one of her biggest hits, “Try Again.” Hollywood was impressed by her talent and she quickly booked numerous roles. She played the lead, Akasha, in the vampire film Queen of the Damned, which was released posthumously. She was in the midst of filming the role of Zee in The Matrix: Reloaded at the time of her death. She was also slated to be the lead in Honey, which was made with Jessica Alba in the title role, Sparkle, which was finally produced in 2012, and the love story Some Kind of Blue, which was never made.



Aaliyah left behind a beautiful legacy that has stood the test of time.

We thank you babygirl for all that you have done to move the culture forward.

Happy Birthday Aaliyah


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