There’s boob and then there’s just…BOOB!  Anyone have any double-sided tape?


VH1’s Basketball Wives: L.A. reality star Laura Govan just came out to hang at the premier of Kevin Harts new movie ‘The Wedding Ringer‘, but all the attention was on her as she faced a major wardrobe malfunction. The reality star smiled as she posed like a pro on red carpet with sister/ reality star Gloria Govan, unaware that one of her ‘girls’ had made a premiere of its own…yes we are referring to her boob.




Laura’s sister Gloria gave us side boob in a little red number but was not to be outdone, as Laura gave us her entire boob, no nip slip guys.




This would be embarrassing for any female on a red carpet event. But Laura took this with a grain of salt as she popped her old friend back in and continued to smile for the cameras.


Judging by the images before and after the big reveal, this looked bound to happen as they didn’t seem, well…secure.




The Govan sisters later pose either side of one of the nights real stars, Vince Vaughn.






How would you have handled the surprise exposure?




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