British singer Laura Mvula spoke of her mistreatment at Miami International Airport via her Instagram account.

The ‘Overcome‘ singer took to social media to detail the incident which went on for 4 hours, and in the end  was put down to a “mistake made by an inspector.”


“No filter for a few reasons: I hope you can see my beautiful/ugly brokeness. I didn’t realise how good I’ve had it til today.

I was held at customs in Miami for 4 hours, in the end it was all down to a mistake made by an inspector. I was spoken to like I was a genuine criminal, even mocked by an officer at one point I guess to try and trigger some kind of unruly behaviour from me… it didn’t work.

But it occurred to me what trauma it must be for victims of really serious bullying by officials and more seriously what it must be to endure police brutality. Our world is sick and hateful but I believe there is always beauty to be found, even in the darkest places. It will be a happy new year somehow. I’m confident.”


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Check out Laura Mvula’s latest music video ‘Ready or Not,‘ depending on your age, you may even recognise the single as cover of a very iconic rap group!



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