In case you didn’t hear, POP sensation and our favorite Chia Pet, (we say that with love) The Weeknd was set to bring on surprise guest, R&B singer LEGEND Lauryn Hill, during his performance at the 58th Annual Grammy’s this past week. However the ‘Doo Wop’ singer was unable to make it to the show in time and fans were left saddened after Hill’s appearance was heavily advertised


However, despite talk that the two had previously rehearsed and had everything planned but failed to see it through due to Hill’s tardiness, there is now another side of the story being told. The reps of the  ‘Ex Factor’ songstress had this to say:


“In regards to the comments this morning from The Grammys, CBS did announce Ms. Hill’s performance, there were official Grammy television ads that ran for a couple of days naming Ms. Hill as a performer on the show,” the statement said. “Her camp […] had made it clear from the start that although Ms. Hill was going to attempt to make the show, she could not confirm, as there were too many logistical issues that could potentially prevent the performance from happening. The performance was also supposed to be a surprise. […]As previously mentioned, Ms.Hill attempted a last minute rush to LA, to see if this could happen, but unfortunately timing that day kept it from being a reality.’


Well at any rate, the Grammy performance that never was has now finally come to life and we are so here for it! Last Friday Feb 19th Lauryn Hill and The Weeknd shocked us all and took the stage on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to perform his latest hit ‘In the Night’.


Check it out after the jump:



Look at God. Won’t he do it! We are so here for this collaboration and Lauryn’s ,now signature, tweenie weenie fro! THIS is how you make up for cancelling, take notes Rihanna.


How did you like the performance? How do you feel about Lauryn’s excuse for flaking on the Grammys?


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Written by Mack

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