The Meek Mill and Drake rap beef has brought some old news back from the dead, because Ja Rule and 50 Cent clearly are still holding feelings against each other. Despite the fact that Rule admitted that 2 quarters won their old rivalry, for some odd reason the #MeekvsDrake beef has got these two emcees in their bag!



50 Cent caught on that Ja Rule had been publicly speaking his name and responded with shots fired over Instagram. The G-Unit frontman directed major shade at Ja Rule, with his photo and caption calling him a ‘f*cking punk’ saying “Everybody know I put your ass to sleep.”



The beef ignited when Ja Rule spoke with Power 105.1 Breakfast Club. In the interview he spoke on beating 50 Cent with a baseball bat! You remember that?! We don’t either… Well anyway, Ja Rule responded to 50’s post, firing right back on Instagram, with:



Seems like to me these two never got over their feud, or are they both attention seeking to capitalise on the rap beef season… Especially Ja Rule, as he works on his come back… I’m pretty sure no one really cares too much judging by the memes and viral internet videos, we aren’t even over this MeekvsDrake beef from last week!


Drake Disses Meek Mill


Meek Mill Disses Drake


On that topic – rumours are circulating that Drake is not done and has a third diss record ready to drop anyday. Your thoughts? Leave it yeah or Bring it come!


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