Did you guys tune in for the season premiere of Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood?! The second season kicked off with the drama on 10, the sexiness on a 20 and we can honestly say the music talent is looking a little better this season if we do say so.


The drama started with Princess Love and Ray J who are trying to keep their love unified but Ray just can’t leave the bottles, models, and strippers alone. So Brandy’s lil’ brother Ray begs forgiveness and vows to change his ‘single living’ ways, including moving out his additional apartment. But of course, not all is as it seems and it comes to Princess’ attention that Ray is holding a secret farewell bash at his bachelor crib. Facing that reality, Princess decides to show Ray that she’s tired of his bull with her gate-crash attendance ruining his little moving out party by throwing a bucket of water around the room with aims to hit Ray. Yup… Princess Love took it there!


We’re loving Princess this season, the beauty is standing her ground. Besides her showing Ray J, she also sat down to clear the air with Teairra Mari, the tearful moment showed that these ladies may have a future at a friendship but this is Love & Hip-Hop so you can never predict how the friendships will turn out…


Squeaky clean Apryl Jones and B2K’s Omarion‘s love is still strong, this episode we see Apryl on a mission to keep her relationship alive after giving birth to their son Megaa, she in search for way to re-ignite her sex with her man and turns up to his dance rehearsal in a long trench coat. Thank God we can witness a couple that actually wants to make their relationship last forever!


Team Curtains LHHH S2E1


What do you guys think of the new cast mates Milan, Miles, and Amber? This episode shocked many with the original storyline of a Love & Hip-Hop love triangle between to gay/ bi-sexual men and a female rapper. And yes LHHH should, giving life to situations that people legit face in real life.


Music producer Miles Christopher is ready to take his relationship to the next level with his man Milan but no one knows that Miles is gay, Milan may want the same thing however none of his loved ones know about his sexuality… oh & Miles has a high school sweetheart Amber who considers Miles as her future husband. Not having a single idea that Milan is dating somebody else.


Can we breathe and then say Drama! Get into the first episode, below:




Ya’ll feeling the new season?


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