Actress Lindsay Lohan and billionaire beau Egor Tarabasov were recently caught on film by a passer by, whilst holidaying on the Greek Islands of Mykonos and saw Lindsay throw her Fiance’s phone out of the passengers seat of their vehicle before running towards it. No later than a few seconds, the phone clip shown the Russian billionaire chasing after up to her before a violent tussle for the phone began, where Egor was seen aggressively grabbing Lyndsay’s hand while the ‘Mean Girls’ star cried out for him to let her go.



Since the altercation, the 30-year old troubled star has kept a low profile, only granting an interview to the Mail Online, where she admitted being assaulted by Egor, her fiancé, several times before. Lindsay reportedly told worried friends and family that the 7 month relationship was over. However sources close to the couple had doubts of a permanent split, as the two had stayed in contact and discussed seeing a relationship therapist.


‘They are toxic for each other, but can not seem to let go of the relationship, Lyndsay tells us that they’re going through a rocky patch, but they’re trying to work through there issues’, said the source.


lindsay lohan team curtainsLindsayLohan and Egor Tarabasov teamcurtains


This relationship sounds like a Hot Mess & we say NO to Toxic relationships… but Lohan deserves some happiness! Do you think this relationship will last another six months?






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