Do you want to hear the R.Kelly remix to Janet Jackson‘s ‘No Sleep,’ off her Unbreakable album? So do we.. but it seems the track has been cancelled and the full version will not be released.


The single would have marked twenty-two years since the pair collaborating on their 1993 remix track ‘Anytime, Anyplace.’ Nor Janet or Kellz have spoken on the song but T-Town productions who have credits for working with Chris Brown & Future say it’s “label politics” that is preventing the full song to be heard.


Speaking on Facebook the German production house wrote:


“Sometimes label politics force great material to stay in the shelves” in response to fan requests who want to hear the full track serving.


In response to, T-Town Productions confirmed they had delivered the remix too late, saying:


it was an official remix requested by BMG, but we delivered too late so it couldn’t get out” and suggested they may be remixing another track off the albummaybe we will do a new and different remix of an album song since we r in contact with Jimmy Jam!”


We may not be able to offer you the full song, but have two snippet you can listen to, below:




Are You Feeling it?


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