While it seems some celebrities have decided to keep quiet, Janet Jackson is using her whispering voice for good to support the LGBTQI community and the fallen victims of the Orlando, FL. mass shooting.


By now we’ve all have heard of the most recent tragedy to hit the U.S. This past weekend on June 12th, an armed gunman walked into Pulse Nightclub, a lesbian/gay establishment in FL, and shot/injured more than 100 people. At least 49 people were killed and 53 were injured.  In a press conference, President Obama classified this incident as not only an act of hate but also an act of terror after news broke that the gunman was linked to the terrorist organization, ISIS.


While these disastrous events sparked discussion of stricter gun laws and acceptance of the LGBTQI community, the fact still remains that 49 innocent individuals were gunned down and  unjustly lost their lives. Well in the midst of her pregnancy, music legend and pop diva, Janet Jackson is doing her part to remember those 49 men and women with her new song ‘Shoulda Known Better’


Check out Janet’s touching tribute after the jump:



So sweet.


Jackson wasn’t the only one to show her love for Orlando. Many celebrities took to social media to express their love and respect for the victims of the largest mass shooting in US history.






When horrible things like this happen, it’s great to see musicians and entertainers use their platform to spread awareness. However, It’s interesting how we’ve yet to hear artists such Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, etc. publicly speak out about this tragedy, despite having a strong foundation of gay/lesbian fans.



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Written by Mack

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