Rihanna who was spotted at LAX International airport, yesterday, with luggages, is definitely preparing something!



The rumour has it that the Bajan POP princess has shot a videoclip with none other than… ‘Hotline Bling’ rapper Drake. An alleged snippet of the song and pictures from the set leaked on social medias. Moreover, a casting call sheet with the two celebrities name leaked… They were searching for actors playing horseback riders and cops.




We haven’t got any confirmation yet, but the single is titled ‘Work‘ and it’s going to be on Rihanna’s new album ANTi. Producers such as Dj Khaled have contributed strongly to the spread the rumour, he posted a snapchat video on his Instagram sitting next to Drake with the caption “Bless up I will never stop.. I’M UP TO SOMETHING! Major Alert”.



The project is well over due… and as time goes, our expectations grow – this album better be fire!



Are You Ready For ANTi?



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