After a long struggle for relevance in the music industry, RNB singer Solange Knowles finally released a long length album yesterday which seems to be making quite the impression. Ladies and gentlemen, A Seat At The Table. 




With collaborations from the likes of Lil Wayne, The Dream, Kelly Rowland and more, this airy rnb classic seems to have fans and supporters bowing down to Beyoncé’s little sister as they scream slayyy queen. 




The album also features voice clippings from her parents explaining their experiences of being black. It’s very comforting to know that this album isn’t just a commercial piece but also an instrument for spreading black pride and stirring wokeness in black people.


This 21-track EP is Solange’s third full-length album, following her sophomore album Sol-angel and the Hadley St. Dreams. She also released an EP in 2012 called True which featured her most well known song Losing You. 


A Seat At The Table is available on iTunes now. You can also stream it on Spotify:



What do you think of Solange’s new album?




Written by Luke

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